Need some space?

Whatever we may think about Sundays and how they should be used in 21st Century Britain, the rhythm of “Sabbath Rest” is a good one – a regular space to stop worrying about productivity and output and to attend to the inner self and to God.

Blue skies all year round…

As I settle back down to the laptop today after a few days away I realise how thankful I am for quiet places and for spaces in the diary.

If you are in need of space the “Five-Day Community for Spiritual Formation” may be exactly what you are looking for.  Drumalis in Northern Ireland is a beautiful and comfortable retreat house where all our needs will be kindly catered for as we share in community through teaching, silence, prayer and worship (as well as wonderful food!)  Discover more about it by browsing this little blog-site or email me for more details.

Don’t delay – bookings are now coming in most days, and there are only 50 spaces in total!

Jill Baker


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