Divine Darkness, Divine Light

The most recent Five-Day Community event offered by the Community for Spiritual Formation took place just before Advent began in 2019 at Cliff College, Derbyshire (Sunday 24th – Friday 29th November 2019).

The theme was highly appropriate for that season, as we looked at both darkness and light; how they interplay and how both can reveal more of God to us.

The retreat followed a Benedictine style rhythm incorporating times of silence amongst the worship, teaching, listening and eating, as we lived together in this short-term community.

5 Day Community


The two speakers for ‘Divine Darkness, Divine Light’ were:

  • Rev. Cathy Bird, Methodist minister in London and author of The Divine Heart of Darkness
  • Rev. Steve Radley, Anglican priest in Cambridgeshire and photographer. Find out more at his website.

Both gave us outstanding presentations around the themes of darkness and light – and how each needs the other, each brings out the best in each other, and each plays its part in our lives.

5 Day Community



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