Community for Spiritual Formation

Through a programme of teaching, silence, worship and reflection based on a Benedictine monastic pattern The Community for Spiritual Formation creates transformative space for people to be in communion with God, self, others, and creation for the sake of the world.

Dates for your diary

  • Saturday 19th November 2022. Online Advent DaySave the date and look out for more information soon on our next Online Day to be held on Saturday 19th November, facilitated by Edel McLean, a Jesuit currently working for the Methodist Learning Network. Registration for this event will open in September.
  • Saturday 11th March 2023. An online day during Lent 2023 focussing on Celtic spirituality. More details to follow.
  • Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st July 2023.  A Three-Day Community at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford with Rev. Dr. Sam Wells.  More information to follow. 

Recent events:

Members of the Durham Five-Day Community outside St. John’s College

Divine Intimacy, Ordinary Holiness: 10th – 15th July 2022, St, John’s College, Durham

  • Picking up from the June 2020 cancelled event, Gemma Simmonds CJ, a well-known author and broadcaster on spirituality and Rev. Dr. Andrew Walker, well-known spiritual director, teacher, lecturer and author led the Community in exploring this fascinating theme.  

Waiting on the Word: 7th – 12th November 2021, Cliff College, Derbyshire

  • A full Five-Day Community focussing on poetry and images for the Advent season with Rev. Dr. Malcolm Guite, well-known contemporary poet (and much else besides) and Sister Margaret Crinyion OSM a Roman Catholic nun who lives as a hermit.
  • A wonderful pre-Advent gathering in which 30+ participants enjoyed stimulating teaching, thoughtful worship and preaching and a sense of forming, not merely individual spirituality, but spirituality in community as well.  

General Information about the Community

Through a programme of teaching, silence, worship and reflection based on a Benedictine monastic pattern,

the Five-Day Community for Spiritual Formation 

aims to

  • root spirituality in Christian faith and tradition
  • provide opportunity for participation in community life
  • form people for life in a changing world


Community policies: Up-to-date Safeguarding and Health and Safety Policies for the Community for Spiritual Formation can be downloaded below.

Core Values and Ethos: The Community is linked to the Academy for Spiritual Formation, based in the US. Below you can also download the full Core Values of the Academy, as well as a summary sheet, Community Ethos and Values.

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